Mouldspace was found in 1996 as a 10 workers
mould shop, today Mouldspace is recognized professional
producter in mouldmaking and plastic part industry.

        Mouldspace combines state-of-the-art equipment
with sophisticated design and manufacturing software
and a specially trained workforce to meet our customer's
individual needs quickly and cost-effectively. Most of our
engineers, designers, tool makers and machine operators
have cross disciplinary experience that allows for more
effective design and production.

        Our factory is certified with ISO9001:2000. At our 5,000  square meters factory, supported by 200 qualified workers and equipped with advanced machineries, we are capable of  achieving your satisfaction to supply excellent molds, injection parts as well as assembled complete projects at high quality with competitive price, on time delivery and satisfied service. Over 80% of the molds were shipped to the United States, Europe and Japanese for production.

        Further more, with location in Shenzhen, next to Hongkong, it is convenient for transportion, technology update and customer visit, come to us now, we will bring you wealth and successful.

Services:                         Applications:
??Mold fabrication            ??Automotive applications
??Prototype mold             ??Household applications
??Plastic part injection       ??Medical applications
??Value Added Service     ??Telecommunications
     Assembly                   ??Industrial and mechanical tools
     Painting                     ??Security applications
     Sonic welding            
     Over molding
     Insert molding
     Structural foam