Mouldspace staff firmly believe that the good quality is the fundamental of a corporation' survival. We have consummate quality controlling system, ISO and environment management, experienced and trained employees, advanced machining, insepcting facilities, regular suppliers, to make sure you can trace the whole process of every single part's , from designing to delivery. We have qualified engineers to carry out the mould design, and experts to inspect the feasibility, meanwhile, we are following the American and European design standard, to ensure the design approval. All positions require qualification certificate. All moulds are completed through advance machining equipment in machining center, EDM, W-EDM,etc. At the same time, every process needs to be check over,to ensure an efficient machining.

Our quality control begins with receipt of an order, and continues through out the entire
manufacturing process, testing, packaging, and shipment to the customer. When mold is
completed and delivered, our customer don't just get the mold, but also receive the
documents as below.

Fianl 2D & 3D drawings.
Steel certificate
Steel dimension report
Electrode dimension report
Sample Inspection report
Heat treatment certificate
Hardness testing report