Mouldspace's continuous investment in our mould making facilities has kept the company
 at  the  forefront of  quality  injection  mould  making. Backed  by  our experienced mould 
making and management personnel, our philosophy is...
1. Manufacture of both simple and complex moulds and moulded parts.
2. State of the art equipment and 24-hour operations to meet your needs.
3.Complete In-House Mould-Making Facilities.
4.Short lead-times.

????Maximum mold size: 1.8Mx2.0Mx1.5M
????Maximum mold weight: 15 Tons
????Part Minimum Tolerance: 0.02mm
????Amount molds a year: 300sets

Main Equipment list:
????(1) OKUMA CNC Machine MB56VAR
????(2) AWEA CNC Machine 2012
????(1) AWEA CNC Machine BM1300A
????(2) CNC EDM Machine 1065X-600
????(1) TOP EDM Machine DF655/MP75
????(2) TOP EDM Machine DF545/MP50
????(3) TOP EDM Machine DF435/MP50
????(1) Orient Wire Cut Machine DK7763F
????(1) Orient Wire Cut Machine DK7740F
????(2) Orient Wire Cut Machine DK7732F
????(1) Kent Grinding Machine KGS-510AH
????(1) Kent Grinding Machine KGS-618H
????(1) Hyfair Grinding Machine HB-614SA
????(9) Pinnacle Milling Machine PK-KTM-3S
????(1) Horizontal Lathe
????(1) Radial Drilling Machine
????(9) Dahteicity Injection Machine